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Eddie's People to People Page
How was I chosen?

My first offer to be a student ambassador arrived in the mail. It said if I was interested, to attend an informational meeting at a local high school. Go to England? Of course I was interested! I went the meeting and it said if I was still interested, I would need to set up an interview.

I've always hated speaking in front of strangers so for me, the interview was nerve-racking. I was sitting in front of three adults with one other teenager. We were asked questions and I answered truthfully although some answers registered as blanks in my mind. Upon leaving the interview, I was convinced I wasn't going to get chosen.

I was at a youth convention when I received the acceptance letter, or rather my dad did. He came to the hotel and told me I had been accepted. I was so ecstatic and excited. The trip was going to be soooooo cool.

Prior to the trip, the delegates had to attend meetings. There were only 4--1 a month. I got to meet the other students and developed friendships with them over time. The meetings described how we should act, our schedule, and many other important things we needed to know.

Finally the day arrived to leave and now that I'm home, I can say the fundraising, the interview, and the nervousness I went through was worth it. I had the time of my life and would do it again in a second.