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Eddie's People to People Page
Why be an ambassador?

Here are just a few reasons of why you should want to be a student ambassador.



*First and in my opinion most important is the fact that you get to represent your country in another. Not only was I representing America but also my family, my church, and my school. It sounds like a lot of pressure for one teenager and it is! Don't let it get to you though. Just be yourself yet set a good example for others and make sure you don't leave the locals thinking Americans are
" 'orrible ".

*Second and just as cool is you get to try new things and meet new people. How many kids in your school can say they've ridden a jaunty car through the Gap of Dunloe or kissed the legendary Blarney Stone? In my school it's about two. Then, when you come home, you get to relay everything that happened on your trip and tell all your great stories.

*Third, you come home with a much better understanding of other cultures. It turns out that the British envy OUR accent as much as we sometimes envy theirs. Throughout the trip you hear different music, eat some "unique" foods, and learn a history that you may have never heard.

*As if that's not reason enough to want to go, there is always the chance for you to get high school and college credits. There is a little work needed to be done but nothing major.

There are even more reasons to want to go on a student ambassador trip but I'll let you figure some of them out on your own.